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How to Calculate the Cost of Fumigation

With Dimensions of:
Example: 42′X42′X14′ = 24,696 cubic feet
Multiply the Cubic Feet by the Number 46
$46 is our price per thousand cubic feet
Your Fumigation Price is: $1136.00
(Minimum Price is $1050.00)
For an average single family home

You can figure out what it will cost to fumigate your home by using the calculations provided. Measure the exterior of the structures length x width x height including any patios or garages or overhangs. Keep in mind that whatever structures the fumigation tarps cover will be apart of your total volume. This is only intended to give you an idea of your cost. We highly recommend our professional fumigator meet with you and measure up your property.

Pricing for Subterranean Treatments

The average treatment price for a single-family home (approximately 1400 sq. ft with crawl space construction) $375.00 to $575.00
Larger homes are slightly more, depending on the amount of chemical needed and the method we choose to treat your property. Call to discuss a phone estimate or to schedule a free estimate.

Furniture & Antique Fumigation in Our Warehouse

Prices are subject to change and depend on the type of item we are fumigating. The minimum prices are:

  • Small furniture item: $300.00
  • Medium, two to three pieces (Example: desk, chair, buffet table with lamps): $400.00
  • Large one-piece items (Example: sofa, vanity, armoire): $350.00
  • A container filled with furniture: $1500.00

Initial General Pest Treatment ‘Inside & Outside’ for crawling insects

$155.00 to $195.00 depending on the type of pest and the size of the area to be treated. Excludes certain insects which would be priced out on a case by case base. Please call our office for further details.

Rodent Trapping & Exclusion

Base price determined after inspection

Lunch Trucks


To discuss other pest control pricing, please call our office today
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much fumigant should be applied to my home?

This can only be determined by the fumigator, as factors such as target pest, exposure time, seal of the structure, weather conditions, temperature etc... will be calculated in order to figure the total amount of gas to be used.

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Termite Facts

There are many species of structural infesting termites and each one has developed effective ways to get at and attack the wood in your home. Preventing termite attack and killing these...

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